Residential Heating and Air Conditioning

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If you need a new residential heating and cooling system installed or your existing unit has given out just when you need it, West Texas Refrigeration has you covered. We strive to treat every customer like they’re family and deliver the best service from professional technicians.

Daikin High Efficiency Heating and Cooling Systems

Daikin heating and cooling systems consistently rank at the top of their class for efficiency. These units use less energy and run cleaner than competing models. West Texas Refrigeration is proud to help you maintain peak performance of your Daikin system through preventative maintenance and thorough cleanings.

Installation and Repair

If you are looking to have a new residential heating and air conditioning system installed or if your system needs repair, contact West Texas Refrigeration today!

Performance Evaluations

There is nothing more miserable than your heating and air conditioning system not running like it is supposed to when it is over 100 degrees in the summer or below freezing in the winter! West Texas Refrigeration can help ensure your comfort no matter the weather by performing a quality evaluation of your system.

All of our installers stay abreast of the latest technology in refrigeration and a/c systems.

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